Book of Know: Atomic Farts

Recovering Bro Another Lesson from the Book of Know: Atomic Farts

Another lesson from the Book of Know…

The ancient secrets of health and wellness lay hidden on the pinnacle of the Mountain of Confusion. It was these secrets thatlied at the end of Golden Bro’s quest. After a long and arduous journey, the Golden Bro summited the Mountain of Confusion and unearthed this furtive knowledge. He discovered the 12 Levels of the Golden Bro and transcribed them here, in the Book of Know.

Now he challenges you to follow in his active ware footsteps and complete all 12 Levels of the Golden Bro, so that you too may obtain the knowledge that will help you achieve peak health and wellness.

Behold! As Golden Bro reveals the secrets of…ATOMIC FARTS!

Lie... (is there a lie about farts?) Farts are funny.

Truth... Farts contain wisdom about how our meat suits (our bodies) are currently malfunctioning and making us miserable.

Uhhh... But farts ARE funny dude. Please don’t ruin farts with your “science” 

(sorry not sorry)!


The Science:

• Farts happen when we don’t produce enough stomach juice to break down our food completely

Farts happen when the valves and seals of our GI tract are in a weakened state allowing this incompletely digested food into the GI tract… which trains our immune system to react to food.

Farts happen when we eat chemically complicated foods that have histamines, sulfites, FODMAPs (google it), fructose… broadly described as “processed” foods.

• Sometimes gas and bloating happens when you are experiencing intestinal inflammation.


What can we do about it?

Chew your damn food.

 Supplement your stomach juice (HCL supplement, Moxa therapy on REN 12 acupoint) 

 Reduce intestinal inflammation with guided herbs 

 Stop eating foods that make our immune system engage 

 Use Innard Peace by Recovering Bro to soothe intestinal inflammation.


You will learn all about fixing your digestion when you reach “Level 2: Digestion” of 12 levels of the Golden Bro in the FREE Recovering Bro App!


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