Book of Know: Counting Cocktail Calories

Recovering Bro Book of Know Counting Cocktail Calories

Another lesson from the Book of Know…

The world of fitness has become a cloudy maze of misdirection. Charlatans pose as experts to swindle the masses with gimmicks and lies of shortcuts to chiseled physiques. The journey to wellness has become seemingly hopeless. That is, until now. A hero has emerged. 

The Golden Bro, a true expert of health and wellness, summited the mountain of Wisdom and unearthed the 12 levels of the Golden Bro, where ancient and cutting edge knowledge of fitness, Eastern med, and functional medicine all come together. It is here, in the Book of Know, that he leaves his sacred knowledge for all to consume…

Behold! The secrets of counting cocktail calories!

Though alcohol is devoid of traditional nutrients, we humans enjoy the heck out of them. Boozey-booze may not help you achieve your fitness goals (unless your fitness goals include wrestling with sheriffs and texting your ex after midnight). But we sure do like a drink or three every now and again, don't we? At Recovering Bro we like to preach that enjoyment is a nutrient so if you enjoy the occasional spirit we should give you a hand finding a place for it in your fitness plans.

Remember, we are not suggesting that you add alcohol to your fitness program. Trust us, you don't want to be the guy dry heaving on the hamstring curl machine. It's not a good look (or smell) and it doesn't help your gainz. What we're trying to say here is, it's OK to enjoy alcohol if that's your thing, but there's a thin line between enjoyment and life-altering social and health issues. 

So, how do we include cocktails into our diet macro calorie counting? Alcohol doesn't usually come with a nutritional label on the back of the bottle letting you know how to include those cocktails into your plan. So, we are gonna break it down for you. 

  • One shot of liquor has about 95-100 calories. 
  • Take that number and divide it by 4. That's your carbs. 
  • Therefore, 1 oz of hooch= 100 calories, 25 carbs. 
  • Now you know how much to subtract from your day's calorie count. 

You've just graduated from liquor fan to liquor mathematician. Congrats…or…cheers, rather.

Wow...I just did some mental math…turns out I had a 13,000 calorie brunch today. Whoops.

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