Book of Know: Morning Margarita

Recovering Bro Book of Know Morning Margarita

We know you like to enjoy a fine margarita or 2 from time to time! Some would say it’s the perfect cocktail. Well, how about a margarita recipe that actually supports the way your body works instead of throwing a delicious wrench in the works like cocktails tend to do.

We’re calling it a “Morning Margarita” because we also know you like to party. But this does *NOT* have booze in it. It has better digestion in it. It has reduced inflammation in it. It has improved hydration and salt in it. Don’t you dare add tequila, not in this one, bud.

And, yes--you’ll be drinking a little bit of salt. Don’t freak out on me, the flavor profile works. It’s like drinking a real margarita that you left out in the rain. Hold on, I’m writing that line down in my country song lyrics notebook. Now, you write this down: use good clean natural salt -as in Himalayan pink salt. Just a pinch...for some electrolytes.

The move is to:

  • Squeeze a whole ass lime into a 1oz-4oz of water 
  • Sprinkle in a nice pinch of some good pink or blue sea salt. Again, nothing processed or iodized. Natural COLORED sea salt, bud. This is important.
  • Stir it up and chug it on an empty stomach first thing in the morning! This is the part you like, you animal.

But what you will really like is that in a few days you may report feeling “lighter” or “less puffy” or “less sticky” and “more go-go power” (this is what you call energy for some reason). The water, lime juice, and pink salt work together to help you absorb nutrients, improve digestion, lower inflammation, and lock in hydration. That’s a double whammy that’s been doubled into 4 whammies!

Start your day off with a win that you can feel and give it a try! You can thank us later by way of a heartfelt, handwritten note. Or a DM is fine too if you’re lazy.

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