Bros Have Walls - The Art of Recovering Bro

Recovering Bro The Bros Have Walls Art by E. Lee Chicago Artist and Illustrator

Bros Have Walls is a gallery of fine art to help you resonate with emotion that you might not be able to identify or verbalize. Have you ever seen a meathead with a Warhol? The juxtaposition itself is a masterpiece. Good art is more than decoration; it is a doorway, a window, and a tool.

At Recovering Bro, we want to give you the tools you need to help you become a better human. Sure, we have our line of high-quality nutritional supplements to help get your innards squared away, and yeah, we have elite workout programs designed by a fitness wizard to help strengthen your muscles. And don’t forget about the secrets of the fitness realm and Eastern medicine world that we continue to share with you to expand your mind. But here at Recovering Bro, we take it a step further. Other brands fall short by ignoring one of the most crucial elements of being: the soul. We strive to help you become a better you, which means we have to give you some tools to understand and process your emotions, often the missing piece to the health and wellness puzzle.

Just like bodybuilding, art can be intimidating. In it, we see beauty, which sometimes causes us to point out our flaws. But if you can find feeling in a piece of art, you can see yourself in that beauty. Connecting with a work of art is a step toward understanding yourself. Understanding yourself is a step towards overcoming obstacles that slow you on your wellness journey.

When you don’t have art, you don’t realize it, but it improves your life once you have it. That’s what Recovering Bro wants to do, improve your quality of life. A real piece of art that speaks to your soul opens your eyes to the transcendent. If you surround yourself with art that resonates with your being, then your space moves beyond functionality and serves as a way to inspire you and help you find humor and beauty in existence. That’s why there’s a portrait of Peter Gabriel in my bathroom. It reminds me that there’s a sledgehammer inside us all. We are here to help you find your inner sledgehammer, whatever that means to you.

Bros have feelings. Bros have walls. Bros should have art on those walls that help them resonate with those feelings.

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