Brosé - Just a Couple of Bros Drinkin' Rosé and Talkin' Fitness

Recovering Bro Original Web Series Brosé Just a Couple of Bros Drinkin Rosé and Talkin Fitness

Welcome to the absurdly weird and wonderful world of Brosé. It’s the only comedy fitness show that combines the fitness science knowledge of one of the world’s leading experts, Dr. Dusten Nelson, with the mad ravings of one of the world’s strongest comedians, Mike Geraghty (we haven’t fact-checked that last one). On the surface level, it’s just two bros drinking rosé and talking fitness. On the subterranean level, it’s a hilarious talk show where Dr. D tries to guide Mike down the path of the Recovered Bro, and boy, oh boy, does Mike make it hard for him. Join our resident meathead and our resident fitness wizard as they get tipsy on wine while discussing the complex and broadly misunderstood field of health and fitness. These bros are from two very different worlds, but they come together to share a Venn diagram section of their lives labeled “Fitness and Booze.”

Each episode opens with our rough-around-the-edges-bro, Mike, sharing a slightly TMI personal anecdote about his life (like eating pizza out of bushes or getting banned from the Reno Rodeo). Former bro and fitness personality Dr. D responds with deep empathy and high-level information (like curing a hangover or eating pie without shame) to help Mike along his fitness quest. Also, they get kinda drunk. This part is a bonus.

Brosé is a hilarious and engaging way to learn a better path to approaching fitness and wellness. It’s like Laurel and Hardy but for fitness (just as one completely relevant and modern example). Go ahead and check out episodes of Brosé on our IGTV channel here: and then visit our Instagram Feed and watch some Brosé Sips ( These are outtakes from the show that we’re just too dang good to leave on the cutting room floor!

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