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Another lesson from the Book of Know…

Ages ago, the Golden Bro traversed through the thick mystery fog of the fitness jungle and climbed his way up to the tippy top of the mountain. He unearthed the secrets of health and fitness and put them here, in the Book of Know.  Take a peek inside and reveal one of the many mind-blowing ancient formulas that you can use to improve your life.

Today we demystify another fitness mystery....from the Book of Know..

Gan Mao Ling

Certain herbs have been used for their health benefits for hundreds, even thousands of years. One such herbal tincture is Gan Mao Ling.

Gan mao ling literally means “Common Cold Effective-Remedy.”

It contains approximately 75 percent herbs with antiviral properties. This is what makes it an extraordinary and potent formula for dealing with the common cold and flu.

You’ve probably heard of mao dong qing and san cha ku, right? Of course, you have! These are the two main herbs in this formula. And they have been shown to have extraordinary properties for destroying respiratory viruses.

...Should probably give you a heads up here, as you read further you will find that the names of these herbs are all in Chinese, which makes a lot of sense because they’re Chinese. 

As you probably guessed, their antiviral effects are reinforced with the herbal calvary: ban lan gen and jin yin hua.

Probably preaching to the choir here, but we want to be thorough. Ban lan gen removes pyrogen which is a substance usually produced by bacteria that causes a rise in temperature aka fever. Removing pyrogen helps cool you down. Nice and cool, baby. 

It also demonstrated some draining qualities. Sounds gross, but it’s actually pretty awesome to experience drainage when you’re having issues with congestion.

Want to know something crazy cool? This stuff has ju hua and wu zhi gan (you’ve probably heard of their more commonly known cousins, man jing zi and Fructus Viticis, right?). These herbs help DIRECT THE FORMULA TO YOUR FACE.

Pretty helpful, considering that your sinuses live in your face.

The antiviral properties of this formula have been so effective that they have even been used to treat certain viruses that aren’t even associated with cold and flu. Certain viruses that some might find a sore subject...or even a cold sore subject if you catch our drift.

Keep this stuff in your medicine cabinet because the best time to use it is at the first signs of cold and flu symptoms. Catch those bugs early enough with some Gan Mao Ling and it may help shorten the duration and intensity of cold and flu symptoms. 

We sell this stuff in the Recovering Bro store, so get some now, because if you try to order it when you’re already feeling symptoms...and then you have to wait for shipping...well, that’s too late. Keep this stuff on hand and be ready to man those cold and flu battle stations at any given moment.

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