Gobble Gobble Gainz - Another Lesson from The Book of Know

 Recovering Bro Book of Know Gobble Gobble Gainz

Fall is the unofficial kickoff to the gluttony gauntlet - that magical time of year between late October and early January where our family and friends decide to get together and celebrate the holidays over copious amounts of comfort food. It’s also when our willpower wanes, and diabetes thinks about sneaking a lil step in our direction, and our waistline starts to get, oh, so nervous. 

This is also the time of year when everyone starts to feel a little stressed out about diet and maybe even starts to feel a little shame for wolfing down so many sweet treats. Well...knock it off! No need to feel stress or shame for enjoying your dang life! Stress and shame are more damaging to our physiques than green bean casserole will ever be!

If you remember one thing from this diatribe, remember this: enjoyment is a nutrient!

Plus, Recovering Bro has your back! 

We have a few tips and tricks that can help you leverage the holiday season in your favor.

Here are three solid ways to flip the script and use the gluttony gauntlet to supercharge your gainz...get a pen ready and take some notes.


Step 1: Fasting Is Our Friend


Implementing feeding windows makes going whole hog on the holiday buffet less damaging. 

It might be hard to explain to Nana why you’re not eating for the first few hours of the gluttony superbowl, but just compliment her apron and walk away. Fasting until its go-time will increase your body’s ability to shove all that sugar into the actual muscle tissue instead of the love fluff tissue. As far as overeating goes... one big meal > several big meals. Think about it... you’re likely to eat far fewer calories if you stick to one big holiday meal as opposed to eating a huge holiday meal every time your stomach stops feeling crammed full.


Step 2: Train Hard


We do mean HARD. Train HARD. This will basically get your muscle ready to gobble up all that sugar. That means pick up some heavy-ass weights and put them back down, repeat that for a full hour...then go eat! Lift hard and lift heavy because riding a bike, doing cardio in weird citrus-colored lighting, or jumping around in your living room won’t get you there. Lifting weights will basically turn your muscles into supercharged carb gobblers...instant gainz await!


Step 3: Support Your Tum-Tum.


You are (NOT) what you eat. You are only what you eat AND digest! Stuffing yourself to the brim makes it hard for your stomach to break down all that food into nutrients. You gotta be able to break down your food, or the whole operation shuts down. So, give your tummy juices some help by using the Recovering Bro Gurgle-X supplement, which has HCL with digestive enzymes. Not only will this improve your body’s ability to use those nutrients you just shoved into your pumpkin pie hole, but it also helps move that food out of your stomach so you can make room for seconds!


Follow these simple and easy steps and free up that headspace for enjoying your friends and family. You don’t want to be the weirdo that travels over the mountains and through the snow to grandmother’s house just to belch open a tupperware of steamed broccoli and baked chicken breast at the feasting table. UNLESS THAT’S WHAT MAKES YOU HAPPY. Then, by all means, belch on, brother*.


*or sister.

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