Level IV: Detox - Another Lesson from the Book of Know

Recovering Bro Book of Know Level 4 Detox

Another lesson from the Book of Know…

Many moons ago, the Golden Bro explored the jumbled mysteries of the fitness jungle and traversed to the mountain top. Once upon the summit, he unearthed the 12 Levels of bro-lightenment and transcribed them here, in the Book of Know.

He now challenges you to follow in his arch-supported footsteps and complete all 12 Levels of the Golden Bro so you too can manifest that ass and evolve to become a healthier sentient meat sack.
Here lies the fourth step in your journey to bro-lightenment: 


In LEVEL IV of the 12 Levels of the Golden Bro you will learn how your body performs the daily miracle of filtering toxins from your system.

You will learn how to identify ominous signs from your liver. Could those bags under your eyes be a cryptic message from the liver? Could those extra bad hangovers be a pukey little carrier pigeon sent from below to deliver a message that your liver needs more support? The short answer is: maybe!

Perhaps, the most treasured gift of LEVEL IV: DETOX is the gift of freedom from wondering about (or dare I say, buying) those insanely expensive detox teas that consume your targeted ads. The ancient truth is that you do not need expensive juice to detox. For your body engages in the process of detoxification 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. But that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t support that process.

In LEVEL IV: DETOX, you will learn about the three phases of detox and how to keep them running optimally.

You will learn of the potent supplements and nutrients that can give your body the fuel it needs to better perform the first two phases of detox. And how to aid in the third phase of detox, the actual expulsion of toxins. Or as experts in Western bio-science refer to it: poo-poo and pee-pee. 

Phase 3 of detox purges toxins in other ways too but they are not as funny to say, so you will have to journey to the 12 Levels of the Golden Bro yourself, to unearth them.

To access the sacred Book of Know and learn from the 12 levels of the Golden Bro you must take the first step:

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