Level V: Stress - Another Lesson from the Book of Know

Recovering Bro Book of Know Level V Stress

Another lesson from the Book of Know…

The ancient secrets of health and wellness lay hidden on the pinnacle of the Mountain of Confusion. It was these secrets that the Golden Bro sought. After a long and arduous journey, the Golden Bro summited the Mountain of Confusion and unearthed this furtive knowledge. He discovered the 12 Levels of the Golden Bro and transcribed them here, in the Book of Know.

Now he challenges you to follow in his active ware footsteps and complete all 12 Levels of the Golden Bro, so that you too may obtain the knowledge that will help you achieve peak health and wellness.

Behold Level V: Stress.

In Level V: Stress of the 12 Levels of the Golden Bro, located in the Book of Know (in our free Recovering Bro app) you will learn actionable steps to balance inputs and outputs of stress in your life and body.

Level V teaches you that not all stress is bad. As a matter of fact, pursuing gains in the gym is self-induced stress, good stress, that helps grow muscles and burn calories. But be wary, for even good stress can be bad for you when it is not balanced with recovery. 

The stress hormone cortisol can help you with gains in the gym but it can also be damaging and hinder sleep, fat loss, and other processes of the body and mind.

Thou needest not be alarmed because Level V will teach you how to manually lower the stress hormone through breathing exercises, low-intensity steady-state cardio, and even laughter. But how? Visit the Book of Know to find out, eager disciple.

Oh! If there was only some form of mystic elixir that one could consume that would help manipulate the chemistry of the body and literally reduce the presence of cortisol! Thou art in luck, for the Golden Bro, has uncovered one such elixir. Nightcap!

Level V will also explain to you the cutting edge science that goes into the powerful supplement called Nightcap which uses nootropics, vitamins, and ancient Chinese herbs to help relax your muscles, your central nervous system, and literally metabolize the stress hormone cortisol. 

It is time to give your body the serenity it so craves. Take the edge off of your stressed-out brain and body.

Download the free Recovering Bro app (available everywhere apps are downloadable), open the Book of Know, and visit Level V: Stress in the 12 Levels of the Golden Bro.

Welcome to our fitness cult, ambitious apprentice.


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