Meet Our March RBA... Danna Gift!


Recovering Bro Approved March 2022 Danna GiftAt Recovering Bro we believe Fitness culture is overrun with bro-science and toxic messaging, and that’s not cool with us. We strive to change that, leading by example and celebrating people we believe can make the fitness industry and the world a better place with their positive energy. That’s why this month we are proud to bestow our RBA stamp of approval on Danna Gift! (Her name literally implies that she’s a gift to humanity.)

Danna checks all the boxes for a phenomenal athlete but if that’s all we cared about we would be dishing out RBA stamps to OJ Simpson. What an athlete! But our Recovering Bro Approved folk need more than physical prowess on their resume to have their bust enshrined in our Halls of Greatness…and Danna has a delightfully round resume.

Editors note:

  • OJ Simpson→ does NOT fit our mission 
  • Danna Gift→ Fits our mission 
  • Danna Gift > OJ Simpson
  • It's simple math really.

She is extremely hard-working, disciplined, and a powerful advocate for standing up for what makes you happy.

Fun Fact: 

Danna convinced her parents to home-school her because she wanted to dictate her studies and learn in an environment best suited for her education.

That’s the kind of self-awareness that most of us as adults are still striving to obtain. (When I, the narrator of this piece, was in school, the only thing I lobbied for was string cheese.)

Danna's pursuit of knowledge and awareness has taken her down several paths. She was a  flight attendant traveling the world before choosing to push her physical limits as a physique competitor. And though she was in peak physical condition she didn't feel great while competing. She saw an issue with a journey that helps you look your best but makes you feel your worst. So, again, she used her rock-solid self-awareness to pivot towards a career in which she could balance her health and fitness; real estate.  

It wasn’t long before she was raking in money hand over fist but still wasn’t fulfilled. So, she took a year off to “find herself” seeking advice from mentors and gurus, but to no avail.

“I got tired of people telling me to "niche down" because, as a creative, I am quite good at a lot of different things! And so when someone told me that being a jack-of-all-trades meant I could be a master of none, I set out to PROVE THEM WRONG.” Said Danna.  

This was the inception of Danna Does. A Youtube series where Danna masters wildly different skills (like roller skating) and takes us all along that journey with her. She turned something most people viewed as a weakness and turned it into a formidable strength. 

And that's why Danna is the perfect fit for our March RBA Award. There's a war for our trust being waged in the health and fitness industry, with companies tripping over themselves to give us products and services we need. But no one knows what we need better than us. We simply need to refine our ability to look inward and choose the actions that serve us best in life. Danna's ability to recognize what speaks to her and act on it with conviction is the epitome of self-awareness and the foundation of self-aware self-care, and we believe it deserves recognition.

Like a light in the oftentimes obscure world of online content, Danna is a beacon of light reminding us in the search for direction, we need to look to ourselves first. Follow Danna on her journey down her path, IG: @DannaGift Youtube/DannaGift

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