Whitney Wiser, Our First "Recovering Bro Approved" Bro

Recovering Bro Approved Whitney Wiser October 2021

At Recovering Bro, our mission is to challenge the fitness industry to do better. Many Hot Liars (that’s what we call social media influencers) perpetuate bad information and unhealthy standards. It’s hard enough to find elite fitness information without these Hot Liars mucking up the works with bad science and industry buzzword snake oil like detox teas. As part of our effort to nut tap toxic fitness culture and inspire the world to process emotion and train smarter by offering better information, we have an obligation to recognize the people that align with our mission to deliver positive energy, knowledge, and motivation to the masses and share them with the world. Therefore, it’s time to introduce you to our first Recovering Bro Approved ‘Bro’.

Meet Whitney Wiser

If we had different sized Recovering Bro Approved stamps, she would get the biggest one. But we don’t. We only have one size. But we can and will give her two, nay, make that three RB Approved stamps because she embodies everything we strive to be. She isn’t one of those Hot Liars out there trying to make a quick buck by selling lies to the people out there who are just trying to better themselves. She is the real deal. Whitney works hard, motivates others, goes all out to better herself and those around her. She is an all-around powerhouse of empowerment… empowerhouse-ment… house… empowerment house? ...Empowerhouse!

Whitney is an entrepreneur, a TEDx Speaker, a professional bodybuilder, a pro physique athlete, and an Olympian. She somehow also found time to be a promoter, a National Physique Committee judge, and the NPC Nashville Fit Show owner! These are just a few of her many accomplishments, but they certainly are not what defines her. It takes a special person with a rich soul, an insane level of athleticism, and a tenacious heart, to accomplish even half of what she has done and is yet to do! That’s what we look for when awarding our Recovering Bro Approved stamp. It’s the attitude and ethos behind the achievements that we find the most valuable.

How powerful and positive is Whitney? Here’s just one example: After being crushed under a freakin’ SUV (yes, you read that right), having emergency back surgery to fuse her broken spine, she not only had to re-learn how to walk, but she worked hard and became an Olympian (that means she is a champion OF CHAMPIONS). She empowers, motivates, and teaches other men and women worldwide how to use their inner strength to become champions.

We can’t give Whitney enough praise. As a matter of fact, we will go ahead and give her 100 Recovering Bro Approved stamps because when we grow up, we want to be just like her! We highly recommend you follow Whitney on Instagram immediately @whitneywiserfit! Don’t forget to watch her Ted Talk “Whitney Wiser: How To Overcome.” If you want to check out what she’s up to next, bookmark her website https://wiser.fit/.

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