RBA May 2022 Dr. Janine Stichter

Recovering Bro Approved Dr. Janine Stichter

At Recovering Bro, we have been preaching that emotional gainz are just as important to your physique as gainz on the bench. We also keep saying that brain gainz are equally important to your health as gainz on deadlift. Our mission to help you sift through the industry lies and marketing to find legit resources for all of your gainz-needz…and today we back that up with the addition of our new Recovering Bro Approved Bro: Dr. Janine Stichter!

Dr. Stichter (pronounced Stee-ster…like Easter…) is an expert in behavioral analysis. So, you better behave because she can severely affect your placement on Santa’s list. Her super power is helping people understand WHY they want a certain goal, then she helps them to understand how to make HABITS out of CHOICES to support that goal…ALLLL WITHOUT JUDGEMENT. This completely destroys the premise of that Santa’s list joke from the last paragraph. Which definitely was a joke. 

To summarize: 

Dr. Stichter- no judgment. 

Santa’s list joke- just a joke.

Dr. Stichter isn’t just a very experienced expert in behavioral analysis, she is also a prolific researcher with over 90 peer-review publications in the past 25 years. We love an expert with a mighty paper trail of expertise! 

Her special talent for helping people better understand themselves without judgment, so they can better understand their goals and how to achieve them, is so directly in line with our Recovering Bro mission that we just had to give her the Recovering Bro Approved stamp and put her on your radar. The health and wellness industry needs more Dr. Stichter and fewer gimmicks. 

Dr. Stichter was born in Germany and lived there for 5 years. That makes German her first language and English her second but she’s completely fluent in all five love languages! Sprechen du Physical Touch??

Another thing Recovering Bro has in common with Dr. Janine Stichter is a love for athletics! Let’s just say she is a runner. She loves to run…even if she’s not being chased. Runs for fun! She’s not just quick with her feet (running reference), she stands on her own two feet (strong and independent reference). She also practices standing on her own two hands (big fan of doing hand-stands reference). Which if you ask us, is interesting behavior for a behavioral therapist (cheesy low-hanging fruit joke reference)!

She is also the author of multiple books, is a co-founder of the Healthy Behavior Institute (creating programs to help fitness professionals improve their client outcomes through behavior coaching), is a professor of special education at the University of Missouri, and has been working with people with autism for over 25 years. WHEW! I can’t believe I typed all of that in just one breath.

We are so proud to welcome Dr. Janine Stichter to the Recovering Bro Approved family and very much look forward to sharing her work, wisdom, and advice with all of our Recovering Bro Self-Care Cult Members (that’s a YOU reference).

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