RBA September 2021: TJ Hoban

Recovering Bro Approved TJ Hoban Semtember 2021

As we endeavor to save the world from toxic fitness culture our totally non-toxic and not bad or dangerous fitness cult grows a little each day. Today we introduce to you another honorary member, TJ Hoban

This bro gets the Recovering Bro Approved stamp of Recovering Bro Approval!

He is an elite physique athlete and has been on the cover of over 100 fitness magazines. But who cares about that? He plays Rex on the best show ever, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia. That’s what we like. Oh and remember the close-up of the insanely jacked abs on the Bowflex ads? Ya...that was TJ. He once got a compliment on his abs from the GOAT Arnold Scwharzenegger. That deserves a wowzers.

Let’s be clear, it’s not his abs we are celebrating. It’s what’s underneath the abs. It’s not all of these accolades listed above that earn people the RBA stamp of approval. It’s the kind of person one needs to be to accomplish so many things. The kind of person that is filled with so much positivity that they squirt positivity all over the rest of us. 

We should also point out TJ’s most recent mind-blowing deed. This man JUST WON THE WBFF WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS! On top of that, he was also selected as Male Athlete Of The Year. Most people have to win something like this to launch a career in fitness modeling but TJ did it backward. He dominated the fitness industry for roughly 30 years, then decided to go on and win worlds. This is the jewel in the crown of a crown that barely had room for more jewels. Want to hear something WILD? TJ just took #1 at worlds in what for most physique athletes would be considered their career’s twilight.

Rumors say that TJ has been gracing magazine covers for nearly 400 years but his license says 50. So, we will go with that. Dude won Worlds at 50. What an athlete!

When it comes to the Recovering Bro ethos this dude (Mr. Abs btw...did we mention his freakin’ nickname is Mr. Abs!?) is in full alignment with what we believe. 

He practices and preaches a mantra of unlocking potential and staying mentally ready. He says, if you stay ready you never have to get ready. Can you imagine? That deserves another wowzers

He is all around super positive, nice, and approachable. And that’s why he is 100% Recovering Bro Approved.

We at Recovering Bro believe that real beauty is what’s on the inside. We’d like to point out that TJ’s inner beauty has an 8-pack as well. That last sentence is probably a little problematic. But comedy ain’t pretty, OK? What we’re trying to say is TJ is one of the good guys, an absolute pleasure to be around, and everyone says so. Ask anyone. Go on. Do it.

But without a doubt, the coolest thing about TJ isn’t his stupid ass abs, his dumb sucessful career as a fitness model, winning the WBFF World Championships at 50, or the abundant positivity he puts out into the world… it’s that he follows us on insta. Smart dude.

Follow TJ and his stupid 8-pack @tjhoban and check out his website: hobanfitness.trainerize.com.
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