Recovering Bro Approved - AJ Ellison - February 2022

Recovering Bro Approved for February 2022 AJ Ellison

At Recovering Bro we don’t just want to give you the most up-to-date health and fitness knowledge available. We also want to help you sift through the murky garbage swamp of bad information and hot liars that is the fitness industry. That’s why we like to highlight coaches and mentors that are legitimate shining lights that do GOOD WORK. Even though our Recovering Bro Approved bros aren’t part of OUR team, they are all part of TEAM ACTUALLY KNOW WHAT THEY’RE TALKING ABOUT.

Speaking of people who actually know what they’re talking about, it’s time to introduce you to another Recovering Bro Approved Bro, AJ Ellison!

This is the spot where, normally, we might lovingly poke fun at AJ...but...have you seen those shoulders? Terrifying. 

Have you noticed that all of our Recovering Bro Approved bros tend to have a common theme of being caring, thoughtful, and empathetic? Noticing a through-line here? That’s because you can’t just be a great coach or athlete to get our stamp of approval…you also have to exemplify our mantra. You have to be a part of taking toxicity out of the industry.

AJ Ellison is Recovering Bro Approved because he is a dang ol’ man-beast whose strength of athleticism is equal to his strength of empathy and compassion. This bro is a remarkable athlete with no ego. He makes time for everybody. Test this out. Go say hi to him and tell him Recovering Bro sent ya.

AJ was a college track athlete who qualified for the Olympic trials, a pro-MMA fighter, AND a professional physique athlete and bodybuilder. The athletic depth this man has is wondrous.

He’s also a family man and a wonderful father! That’s partly why we wanted him to be a part of the Recovering Bro family. We want him to be our new daddy. We’re going for a real Wendy and the Lost Boys situation here.

AJ is also an advocate for a plant-based diet which is something we love to roast him about (Roast! Get it? Veggie-based humor). He’s also a world-class coach who helps people transform themselves physically and spiritually.  Empathy is a big part of his mantra which is yet another reason we Stan this man.

We look forward to spending more time with AJ and you should too! Follow him and his muscle-y vegetable garden @ajellison.

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