Recovering Bro Approved - Shaun Stafford - December 2021

Recovering Bro Approved Icon Shaun Staffor December 2021

There are a lot of uninformed ne'er-do-wells in the fitness universe posing as experts with unattainable bods. We have made it our mission at Recovering Bro to help you suss out the gold nuggets from the nuggets of [expletive deleted].

So, without further ado, we would like to introduce you to another Recovering Bro Approved Bro!

Meet Shaun Stafford! Sure, he’s fun to look at and, yes, he is also a British, European and Pro World Champion in Men’s Physique, and former world class rugby player BUT he’s also one heck of a nice guy. We know that it isn’t the accomplishments of the bros that define them. So we want to give a nod to the stuff inside the bod. We believe that we all have the ability to accomplish whatever goal we dream up. Shaun is proof that no matter how big or crazy or hard-to-reach that goal is, if you have your priorities sorted and you work to better yourself and those around you, you can get there. That’s why we at Recovering Bro give Shaun Stafford our big ol’ RB stamp of approval. 

Here’s a fun fact: Shaun is infamous for having crazy carved triceps that make the back of his arm look like they were kicked by a donkey wearing clydesdale shoes. What a fun thing to be known for.

Here’s another fun fact: According to Dr. D his triceps are so chiseled because his shoulders are toast and his triceps have to compensate for the rest of the arm therefore getting more exercise than your garden variety normal armed triceps. Why mention that? Well, mostly to show off the high level of muscle science we are working with over here at Recovering Bro. But also because Shaun’s triceps are a metaphor for overcoming obstacles and spinning shredded straw into pure gold. This man is where he is today because of his golden heart and golden mindset. 

Shaun is a great strength coach who gets good results with his clients, so he knows a thing or two about a thing or two. Most importantly, he has worked his tail off to get where he is so he can focus a lot of his time being a good husband and father to his beautiful family. That’s the kind of positive energy we like to be a part of! Plus, it helps that he laughs at our jokes.

In other words, when Shaun Stafford posts topless pic of himself holding a baby...kitten calendars everywhere tremble with fear. And we tremble fear. Yeah, um, healthy, salivating, yearnful fear.

Shaun Stafford is our bonafide Recovering Bro Approved chisel-kitty-man-crush (And, yes, bros, it’s OK to say that).

Just to be clear, we want everyone to know that if we ever tease this dude, it’s out of love. Follow this bro right now @shaunstafford

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