Recovering Bro Approved - Tom Brazier- January 2022

Recovering Bro Approved for January 2022 Tom Brazier

It’s January, which means everyone is trying to improve their health and fitness. But let’s be real, most people are probably focusing most on making some aesthetic changes. That’s why we created our 30 Day Initiation program which will reboot your whole ass from the inside out. But that’s also why we got our mitts on our newest Recovering Bro Approved bro: Tom Brazier.

Tom Brazier is one of Europe’s top dogs of fitness. But even better than that, he is truly one of the best in the world at helping his clients transform their physiques.

Tom is a shining light in the otherwise murky troposphere of fitness. It doesn’t matter if he is a pro physique athlete (he is), or that he is an expert in the sport of fitness (he is). It’s more important that we tease him about living his life like a walking rap video with quad separation. If you don’t see him at the gym, you can probably catch this guy in a neon speedo dancing on a yacht with the 11th in line to the throne of Monaco. He’s a good dude too. Like, a really cool, nice, fun to be around, the life of the party, easy to talk to, kind, hardworking and compassionate, dude. Basically, what we’re saying is you can probably go on the 10th string prince’s yacht with him if you want to. He might like that. DM him and invite yourself. Tell him Recovering Bro sent ya.

Speaking of living life like a rap video, he may or may not have had a short-lived foray into the world of Hip-hop music. We can’t confirm or deny that, but go ahead and google, “MC TB,” next time you have a minute.

Sounds like we’re giving him a hard time...which we are. That’s only because Tom is a friend (one of our fun friends at that). That’s why we give him the Recovering Bro Approved stamp of approval. He’s proof that you can have the drive and psychotic discipline of a professional athlete slash businessman and still leave room in your heart to make people feel welcome and make sure that everyone around you is smiling.

Recovering Bro aims to support and celebrate anyone whose mindset aligns with our mission to hold the fitness industry to a higher standard. For this reason, there isn’t a better person to ally ourselves with than Tom Brazier. Tom set the standard for professional coaches who truly care about the results of their clients. If there is an area of expertise that another coach is more adept in, Tom doesn’t hesitate to refer his clients to someone who can better serve them. Most coaches wouldn’t risk losing a client by referring them to someone else. Therefore, they end up making false promises to them about their ability to guide them to their goals. Not Tom. When no one else in the industry was doing this, Tom was able to set his ego aside and do what was right for his athletes. This is why professional athletes and Recovering Bro will keep coming back to MC TB: the man, the myth, the guy in the speedo drinking out of a coconut. Follow our hero on insta @tbconditioning.

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