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Sore-a-Saurus Rx

Sore-a-Saurus Rx

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Sore-a-Saurus Rx™ may improve your blood flow and reduce inflammation. Think of it like drinking a bunch of turbo-charged first responders that ride your blood to the inflammation outbreaks in your body and help put out the fires.

This could help reduce Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS), but use it wisely because sometimes DOMS leads to gainz! This stuff is great for supporting inflammation recovery from fat loss programs that have you workin’ your tail off. It might also be helpful if you’re just inflamed all the time from lifestyle habits, chronic inflammation, or for when your body is maturing (beautifully, I might add) and not recovering like it used to. Sore-A-Saurus Rx may also help with physical trauma like gettin’ clobbered by your sparring partner, stubbing your toe, or slipping on a banana peel (classic).

Fun Fact (free of cost): Sore-A-Saurus Rx uses the classic anti-inflammatory, turmeric. You’ve heard of it, but what you might not know is that the turmeric used for cooking is not the turmeric used for fighting inflammation. Turmeric as a food ingredient just isn’t potent enough! But don’t worry, the potent form of turmeric we use just might knock your socks off! (Your socks represent inflammation in this scenario.)

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